Information about ordering and charges

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With Zeeuwen Gezocht it is possible to order photocopies or reader-prints of the information you have found.

The Zeeland Archives supplies three kinds of copies:
1. photocopies, made with a photocopier.
2. reader-prints, prints of microfilms or microfiches with the aid of specially-designed equipment.
3. digital prints, prints made through a digital camera.

It is not possible, however, to order a copy of each record that you find. This is indicated by the statement: "No copies can be ordered". There are three reasons why we cannot supply photocopies, reader-prints or digital prints of the records in question.

1. On the basis of the record in Zeeuwen Gezocht it is not possible to indicate how many pages a particular item has. This can vary from one to several hundreds of pages.
2. The retracing of the record in the original source requires more search time because a direct reference to a page or registration number is missing.
3. The information that the record gives is the same as the information in the original source.

If despite these restrictions you would still like copies of a record in Zeeuwen Gezocht, you can apply for this via e-mail. We will then inform you about the number of pages and the extra search costs.
Before a requested order is dispatched, the Zeeland Archives first sends an invoice. Your order will be carried out after the Zeeland Archives has received your payment.
The handling time for your order totals a maximum of ten working days, commencing from the receipt of your payment. If the source is available on microfilm, you will receive reader- prints instead of photocopies. The copies will be sent to the address completed by you on the order form.


There are two charge codes:
Code 1 for each record: € 5,00

- Certificates of civil registration, Population register of Middelburg, Baptism- Marriage and Burial registers, registration of prisoners, Emigrants, Employees of Marine shipyard Flushing, Conveyance of real estate.

Code 2 for each record: € 8,00 - Estate Tax Returns, Commission and Instruction, Letters of emancipaton, Criminal Sentences 1811-1838

A base rate is charged for each order. This amount relates to administration and postage costs.

Base rate the Netherlands: € 7,00 Base rate abroad: € 10,50

Payment details to pay from abroad

When paying from abroad we advise you to use the SWIFT/BIC- and/or IBAN code to the attention of Zeeuws Archief, The Netherlands.

Our bankaccount: Name bank: Postbank SWIFT/BIC code: INGBNL2A IBAN : NL 34 INGB 0001 5588 77

Last updated: December 19, 2014