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Here you will find references to pages with very useful information while using the found records in Zeeuwen Gezocht. This page also includes directions to the links to websites with information for your genealogical research.


Translation of Dutch words that you will encounter when you consult Zeeuwen Gezocht.

Civil Registrar

Review registers of the civil registration (former) municipalities in Zeeland 1797/1811-1980
Review marriage supplements (with comments) (page in Dutch)

Map (former) municipalities in Zeeland

A map of all former municipalities in Zeeland over the period 1816-1970.

Baptism-, Marriage- and Burial registers

Review baptism-, marriage-, burial- and member lists in the Zeeuws Archive (in Dutch)

Review of clergical municipalities before 1796/1811 (in Dutch) (under construction)

Genealogical databases on internet


GenLias (Dutch national database ancestors)


Municipality Archive Vlissingen
Civil registrar, populations register and various other sources

Municipality Archive Goes
Civil registrar and population registers

Municipality Archive Borsele
Civil registrar of birth and marriages

Municipality Archive Schouwen-Duiveland
Certificates notaries from Zierikzee before 1811 and churchregisters of baptism, marriage and burial (before 1811)

Websites of private persons with adapted sources


On the website of you can find a review of various Zeeland genealogical sources which are available through the websites of archive services and private persons. The intention of this site, founded in 1997, is to get the most complete view of the available adapted sources that include many personal names which are available in the digital way for the researcher.


Mr H. Plankeel from Leiden has supplemented a large amount of adapted sources to his website, mainly concerning member lists of churches and census made in villages and cities in West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen before 1796.


The Historical Society of Arnemuiden had made transcriptions of various sources from the archive of the former municipality Arnemuiden and also of member lists of the archive of the Reformed Church of Arnemuiden.


Mr Jac Pouwelse from Westkapelle has made a file of more then 10.000 persons who appear in the certificates of the civil registrar of the municipality Westkapelle (19th- beginning 20th century).

Republican calendar

On the 5th of December 1793, the French had introduced a new time indication which (with retrospective effect) began at the day of the abolition of royalty and the foundation of the republic:  September 22,  1792. The certificates of the civil registrar in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen municipalities covering the period September 22, 1796 – December 31, 1805 are dated with the republican calendar. With the entrance of the certificates these dates are added into the note field. There are some websites which can be used to reduct the republican date to nowadays dates and reverse. For example: website.

French occupations

In the certificates of the Civil Registrar covering the period 1796-1814 and in the population lists of 1811-1813 there are many different occupational descriptions. This list is an expedient to translate the occupation descriptions mentioned in the French language (in Dutch, use the page Terminology for translations) [PDF]


On the Internet there are various websites with information about emigrants to former North-America. These websites provide a supplementation for the available reviews of emigrants in Zeeuwen Gezocht (lists of emigrants and information from various population registers).

List of shippassengers  (
List of shippassengers (
List of shippassengers arrival in Castle Garden New York 1820-1913 (
List of shippassengers entry in Ellis Island New York 1892-1924 (Ellis
Emigrants from West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen 1840-1920 (T. van Heusden). The same file as in  Zeeuwen Gezocht (see page Sources -> Emigrants)

Converse money

If you want to know how much value the amount of money is mentioned in an old certificate in case of a purchase/selling-price, you can consult a page of the International Institute of Social History. At the page in english, , you can count what the price of the guilders in euro’s would be nowadays. You can enter the amount in guilders or euro’s and then the program will do the rest. Noted that you can not enter the amount in Flemish pound’s, the best is first to multiply with 6 (1 pound Flemish was 6 guilders) and then to fill in the amount using the fl. of guilder, next you type the year of the purchase/sale and you click on ‘Calculate’  to make the calculation.

Calendar calculator

Mr H. Plankeel has made a calendar program to be able to conclude quickly which (holi)day was at which date, and this can be used for Dutch data as well as for data from surrounding countries. This program is called Kalcalc (in Dutch).

[Last updated: November 14, 2011]

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